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Quit Bull​*​%​&$

by Crimdella ft. Kita P

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The first addition in Crimdella's Stash Box series in which the Black God ZeusX will be releasing songs that he has been keeping from the world for quite some time. Up first is Quit Bull*%&$ which is a revolutionary hip hop anthem for the have and have nots filled with witty and aggressive bars as well as the smooth melodies of Kita P.


Verse 1
He said, brown children, they are the victims/
bullwhip em kick em/put em in the system/
and when they come out they'll be all fucked up"/
ya looking for a hero you done talked one up/ (ZeusX)
never grew dreads, but dread most of y'all/
who pray for the fall, may it rain instead/
and when the first drop touch ya skin, may you yell to sky,
"oh God this rain is lead"/
I only playing, people say I joke too much/
when life's never been a joke though I'd hope as much/
when jokes turned to blade pokes from those close to us/
we used fear as excuse till I broke the crutch/
and now I'm Louey C K'ing/
from the afternoon to 3 AM/
tryna keep in tune with these ancients/
they'd rather tell me that we came from space men/
then to give us props for the pyramids/
so I'd rather jot in these periods/
the kinda inkblots that be serious/
as samurai swords when they chop who could mirror this/
Crim to the Della got the block in hysteria/
made for this shit ask God I been cherry picked/
various misdirections, from my own kin/
sometimes I feel the doubt even in my close friends/
but Black gods never bow down to no men/
you knew what it was as soon as I rode in/

Said It aint no time,
Aint no time,
Aint no time for bullshittin (4X)

You said you, got a problem
too bad thats, yo problem,
I been going to hard to be stalling
I been going too hard (2X)

Verse 2
Ooo, give it to me on the black hand side/
Where you think you going man you cats can't hide/
we tryna get mo bills like a Batman ride/
and smash shit left to right like I'm Bam Bam (why?)/
because you touch Yoself at night nigga,
fuck you asking questions for/
the metaphors are four legged beasts on the metronome/
NY Cap on I hit till she yell for more/
she call me Daddy Yankee but I ain't doing reggae tone/
nah no reggaetone/
you hear aggressive tone/
you don't want to let me plot,
I should not be left alone/
me the type a brother that gone bring it till they get the throne/
they the type of brothers going through they shorty cellie phone/
cruising in my technodrome/
feeling like I'm Krang/
people say he odd,
I feel like I'm insane/
but I'd rather feel that way then feel like I'm a lame/
the Black god whispers send shivers through ya frame/(ZeusX)

Chorus: (4X)


released November 5, 2015
Written by M. Brathwaite (Crimdella) 2013
Vocal Performance by L. Jackson (Kita P) 2013
Produced by R. Anderson (Monotone) 2013
Mixed by Belize, Chorus vocals mixed by Little Pioneer Cider House 2013
Song Artwork by T. Coakley, Initial photo by No Idea's Original
Released November 5th 2015



all rights reserved


Crimdella New York, New York

Crimdella is an old soul, brought back to the future to seek his vengeance.
He’s here to pioneer a movement of honesty, ferocity, fraternity, and monumental truth. Listen to Crimdella! There will be blood.

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